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Proceedings of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences An open-access publication for refereed proceedings in hydrology

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Publication policy

  • peer review by at least two independent referees
  • English language copy-editing (optional)
  • thorough layout and processing of text, figures, tables, and equations
  • immediate open-access publication, financed by moderate article processing charges
  • liberal copyright agreement and distribution licence
  • supplementary material at no extra costs
  • DOI (digital object identifier) assignment and article URLs according to the classical citation (eCitation concept)
  • distribution of articles and bibliographic meta data to scientific databases and indices
  • RSS feeds for individuals
  • permanent archiving via e-archives and copyright libraries
  • print copies for purchase

General aspects concerning the role of authors, editors and referees are summarized under general obligations for authors, general obligations for editors, and general obligations for referees.

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